The simplest way to send mobile push notifications to your visitors.

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No databases, no programming, no headaches.  It’s lightweight, fast, simple to use, and completely customizable.

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Developers can extend basic IBM Mobile Web Push by incorporating browser and app events, along with custom audience attributes.

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IBM Mobile Web Push offers extensive support options for small and enterprise customers.  SLA-bound. We’re here when you need us.

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Yesterday, I wrote a tutorial titled Building a real-time marketing application with Node.js and IBM Mobile Web Push and in the article I walk you through how to create and deploy an application using NodeJS that displays the content from IBM Mobile Web Push campaign manager. The steps take you through how you can write a generic web page that receives events from the IBM Mobile Web Push server and then displays that content as you’d like, in the place you designate in the campaign manager.

IBM’s acquisition of Xtify is a great addition to the Enterprise Marketing Management portfolio. This brings exciting changes for Xtify, including a new name for their web push application, Reactor. Reactor is now called IBM Mobile Web Push, and continues to be the easiest way to send mobile push notifications to your visitors without databases or programming while being completely customizable. For more information about this product, view our documentation or the other blog posts to give you insight on how this product can work for you.

IBM Mobile Web Push is a versatile message and marketing platform that gives the control of the pushed content to the business user. While the basic setup of IBM Mobile Web Push in a traditional web application is compelling it can also be a powerful marketing platform for almost any kind of application. In this article I show I use IBM Mobile Web Push in a single page web application (ie. a JavaScript based application).

There are a variety of use cases that IBM Mobile Web Push will satisfy, especially true when you want to convert your anonymous web visitors into registered members. This is a particularly important problem to solve for content sites that depend on these conversions for highly targeted demographic-based advertising and to support retention/growth of your member base.

We’re setting up an PushDev forum on dW Answers, a new Question and Answer forum integrated with the PushDev Dev2Dev site. It is a new area on developerWorks with a fresh new look, and developer engagement and discussion at the fore. As developers and other users participate and provide feedback, they build reputation points within the community. The ability to ‘Like’ or ‘UnLike’ posts makes active content and good answers bubble up to the top.

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