Social Business Toolkit

For building social apps and extending IBM Collaboration Solutions.

Social Apps

Build your social apps with Social Business Toolkit SDK.

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Leverage IBM
Collaboration Solutions

You can use IBM Connections, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and IBM Domino as infrastructure for your apps.

Simplify Development

The SDK provides easy-to-use Java and Javascript APIs and simplifies the handling of various authentication mechanisms.

Speed Up Deployment

Your apps can be deployed on different environments without changing the code by simply changing configurations.


Extend IBM Collaboration Solutions with widgets.

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Integrate Apps in
IBM Collaboration Solutions

You can embed your own apps in IBM Notes, IBM iNotes, and IBM Connections which are used by millions of users.

Simplify Development

You can build extensions to IBM Collaboration Solutions using the same component model and via industry standard skills.

Provide Exceptional Experiences

Apps can be embedded seamlessly by leveraging single sign on mechanisms and various customization capabilities.