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Follow the latest Social Business Toolkit related updates on Twitter and YouTube.

Attend Events

There are various types of events that you can attend, for example local user groups,Connect Comes To You events, etc. We’re hosting one or two webinars per month about the IBM Social Business Toolkit.

Ask for Help

When you need some help, ask your questions at Stack Overflow and please use the tag ibmsbt so that other developers can easily find your questions.

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Contribute Open Source

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GitHub is used as source control repository. In order to get daily updates from the SDK, you can download the latest code directly from GitHub. The IBM development team is looking for more contributors for the SDK project. If you are interested to collaborate and contribute, please contact us.

Share and Download Projects

icon openntf Community is an open source community for IBM Collaboration Solutions with more than 800 projects. You can search, download and reuse full projects or code snippets. Additionally you can contribute your own projects and collaborate with other developers. OpenNTF also hosts regularly development contests and has a YouTube channel.

Get the News

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Check out our official blog where we announce news and ask people to provide feedback.

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