Communities and Profiles Extensions

Communities allow people to collaborate and share information around a common interest. By default every community has apps for file sharing, wikis, blogs, and many more. In addition to the default set of apps provided by the Community there is oftern external apps containing data that may enhance collaboration within a community. For example, a sales team may create a community for a given customer to help them share information across the team. In addition to the default apps within a community your sales team may find it useful to integrate information from an external CRM system as well.

Profiles provide a wealth of information about every user of a given Connections instance. However sometime there is additional information about a user contained within external apps which may be useful to display within a user’s Connections profile.

In order to extend communities and profiles and accomplish the above use cases a developer can use a technology called iWidgets. iWidgets are apps built using standard web technologies and get packaged and deployed to the Connections server.

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For more details on iWidgets check out these documentations:

iWidget Development Guide

iWidget Deployment

Sample iWidget

Note that there are also other ways to extend IBM Connections through: