Getting Started as JavaScript Developer


The SDK comes with Java and JavaScript APIs to easily access IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. Watch this video for a short overview of the SDK or watch this longer video to learn about the IBM Collaboration Solutions app dev strategy.


IBM provides a Playground on IBM Greenhouse where developers can run code snippets using the JavaScript APIs of the SDK against test environments in the cloud. Watch the video to understand how to use the Playground.

playgroundapril2014 3 Getting Started as JavaScript Developer

With the Playground you can easily write your own first snippets. To add snippets, you need to log in. A New Snippet link appears. Read the Using the Playground section for details.

Code your First App

In the Playground, select Social > Profiles > Get Profile. The editor loads the sample snippet which gets user’s profile.

Modify the code and click “Run” to test the changes.

There is also a simple sample web application that can be run from a local Eclipse IDE and Tomcat. Follow the step by step instructions to set up the sample.

Learn More

To find out what functionality the SDK provides read the JavaScript API documentation.

Watch this webinar to learn how to use Social Business Toolkit in HTML/Javascript applications