Social apps have changed our lives in many ways, we are all more connected, it is easier to gather information, and we are able to interact instantaneously with millions of people all around the world. In order to stay up to date with all that is happening, our social apps provide us with notifications taking the form of emails and posts to our activity streams. However we now find ourselves jumping back and forth between notifications and the applications sending them. This constant context switching can decrease productivity and be very distracting to users. IBM has solved this problem by not only allowing apps to notify you of an event taking place but also let you react to the event right within the notification itself. These enhanced notifications are what we callĀ embedded experiences. Embedded experiences work in activity streams and email, so no matter where your users go to stay up to date, you can take advantage of this great feature.

Building Embedded Experiences

There are two approaches to building an embedded experience.

Web Pages

You can provide an embedded experience from any URL which will return HTML. This is the simplest approach as it allows you to quickly take any existing application and use it as an embedded experience. Yo u can also take advantage of SSO within browser based apps like iNotes and Connections and within the Notes client using the accounts framework.

OpenSocial Gadgets

OpenSocial gadgets take a different approach to embedded experiences. With gadgets you are basically building a separate web application that acts as your embedded experience. However you can easily reuse existing resources from other applications if you want. If you need to use OAuth in your embedded experience or have other integration uses cases where you need to use gadgets than you should choose this option. Once your gadget is built it must be configured on either the Domino server for Notes and iNotes or on the Connections server for use within Connections.

Embed for Email

Watch this video on building embedded experiences for email.

If you are interested in building embedded experiences for email, you can watch the following webinar and review the slides to help you get started.

If you need to setup a development environment to test your email embedded experiences in Notes or iNotes you can follow this Getting Started guide.

For more detailed information on administering and deploying a production Domino environment which will support embedded experiences be sure to read the OpenSocial Component Cookbook.

Embed for Connections Activity Stream

If you are interested in embedded experiences in relation to the Connections activity stream, you should first learn about how to post activities to the activity stream. We have a great webinar and set of slides on how to get started.

After you understand the basics about activity streams, check out the following webinar and slides on how to add OpenSocial gadgets to Connections.

More Resources

For more details check out these documentations:

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