UrbanCode Release : Enterprise Release Management

IBM UrbanCode Release, formerly called uRelease, is a release management and coordination platform that helps you handle the growing number and complexity of releases. You can plan, execute, and track a release through every stage of the delivery lifecycle. Based on lessons learned from working with our customers, UrbanCode Release reduces errors, while making large releases faster and more agile.
IBMUCR 6 min demo UrbanCode Release

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UrbanCode Release provides

  • Collaborative, web based release day planning and execution
  • Insight into which projects in a release are on time
  • Clear visibility into which versions of each app are in each environment
  • Enforced quality gates governing advancement into environments

Typical Uses

  • Identify Release Dependencies: From initial planning through discovery in testing, easily identify and track release dependencies across applications and infrastructure.
  • Release Planning and Tracking: Map applications, changes, and initiatives to releases, and track the completion of Application changes and attainment of quality certifications for applications in a release.
  • Easier Release Days: Build an executable deployment plan that seamlessly notifies team members of work to do, and triggers automated tasks while providing up-to-date status that everyone can see.
  • Handle More Releases: Accommodate a growing number of release using more templates, automatic rules, and visibility that mitigates risk.
  • Multi-Application Continuous Delivery: Rules for automatic promotion across groups of applications enables applications to take advantage of continuous delivery techniques.

Key Features

Multi-Application Continuous Delivery

Business changes often span multiple Applications that need to be released together. Sometimes the relationship between Applications is limited to a single release. Other times a suite of related Applications are often released together. UrbanCode Release allows you to easy capture these relationships and plan releases spanning multiple applications and setup automatic promotion rules to speed changes through the pipeline. Learn more.

Impact Analysis

Easily view the relationships between applications, changes and initiatives related to a release. See which other applications may be impacted by an application that has fallen behind with incomplete features, or troubled test results. Learn more.

Release Pipeline Visualization

UrbanCode Release’s pipeline visualization capabilities make it easy to see which versions of each application are in each environment. Heat-map color coding makes it easy to see how closely the versions in one environment correspond to another or the latest and whether the versions that are supposed to be in an environment are still there. From the Pipeline, you can also schedule deployments and see when the next  deployment to each environment is planned. It is also clear when the previous deployment occurred. Learn more.

Release Gates

UrbanCode Release has Statuses which serve to identify quality certifications achieved by deployable versions. Each Release uses a Lifecycle that defines these statuses as well as which statuses are required for a version to enter a Phase. Deployments of Applications which do not meet the criteria are rejected unless a release manager notes an Exception. Learn more.

Deployment Plans and Templates

Planning the release day can be a great deal of work. Release Managers need to bring together expertise from multiple application teams, testers and operations. Worse, it is easy lose track of lessons learned in previous releases and deployments to lower environments. UrbanCode Release is designed to make the creation of a deployment plans an easier, collaborative experience. Simple plans used in lower environments can be easily annotated to capture lessons learned which are automatically suggested for incorporation in the production plan. Learn more.

Federated Release Dashboard

When a major release event requires coordinating sub-releases of several groups of applications each run by their own teams, the Federated Release Dashboard provides an overview of the progress across releases. Learn more.