March 2013: Beta Update for WebSphere Application Server and Developer Tools

This is an update to the previously delivered Beta with key enhancements across programming models, tools, and administration. The beta program provides an early view into the future of IBM’s industry-leading application server and developer tools.

Included in the Beta are:

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile V8.5.Next Beta
  • IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software (RAD) V9.0 Beta
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse (WDT) V9.0 Beta

Highlights of this update include:

  • Programming models: Enhancements to Web Profile support including CDI, EJB Lite and Managed Beans, additional Web Services and messaging capabilities, and the completion of the MongoDB support.
  • Administration and security: Updates to the new Liberty server administration including support for static cluster management using the Collective Controller, starting and stopping of cluster members, and monitoring of server status.
  • Third party feature SPI: Additional capabilities for extending the Liberty server by embedders and extenders
  • WebSphere Developer tools for Eclipse: Enhanced support for Maven project integration. New support for Dynacache and Web Services.
  • Platform support: Added Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) as a platform for RAD.

During this Beta, you can use the WASdev community to interact directly with other Beta users as well as the WebSphere and Rational development teams. You can share experiences and get answers to your questions via our forums or stackoverflow, raise defects and enhancement requests, and gain access to many sources of information such as blogs, articles, and videos.

In addition to the Beta, there are also two Technology Previews, including:

IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5.Next Beta Liberty Profile

Download IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5.Next Beta Liberty Profile

First introduced in WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5, the Liberty profile is a lightweight, dynamic and composable application server that is optimized for developer experience. It offers extremely fast startup, simple configuration, and fidelity to full feature WebSphere Application Server.

The Beta is focused on Liberty profile enhancements to performance, security, configuration, administration and programming model support:

  • Enhancements to EJB Lite and CDI to complete support for the Java EE Web Profile
  • Enhancements to Web services through the JAX-WS Java EE API such as support for web services bindings and ws-security policy
  • New Liberty Server Administration features including support for static cluster management using the Collective Controller, remote installation of Liberty, and monitoring of server status
  • Support for custom user registries and support for Federated Repositories with LDAP repositories
  • Additional capabilities for the new System Programming Interface enabling third parties to add Liberty features
  • Completion of support for MongoDB, a highly scalable non-SQL database designed to support high volume web sites.
  • New Messaging capabilities, including support for JMS and MDB (Message Driven Bean), a new single server messaging provider, and support for WebSphere MQ
  • High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) for Liberty servers
  • Encryption of passwords in server configuration
  • New modular Liberty archive packaging enables an efficient install of core Liberty capabilities with the option to extend the installation to include additional Liberty features

Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V9.0 Beta and WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse V9.0 Beta

Download Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software (RAD) V9.0 Beta
Download WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse (WDT) V9.0 Beta

Exploit the best integrated development experience with the use of the right development tools. We are excited to announce the Betas of the next major releases of RAD and WDT. Tool enhancements to basic programming model support include:

  • Support for developing JAX-WS Web Services targeting Liberty server, new EJB support and additional templates to support WS-Security X.509 token profile
  • Improved support for targeting and installing user-defined Liberty Features
  • Enhancements to Maven integration, most notably OSGi with EJB and JPA project conversion
  • Enhancements to the Web and mobile Web development tools including jQuery and Dojo support
  • Improvements to EJB and CDI development tools, including the new beans.xml deployment descriptor editor
  • New editor for configuring the server’s Dynacache mechanism for caching servlets, JSPs, web services, and commands

In addition to the programming model improvements, RAD V9.0 Beta includes broader enterprise development features:

  • Support of multiple versions of WebSphere Application Servers and Portal Server
  • SCA tools enhancements including improved integration of Web Services bindings
  • Code quality and productivity enhancements with sample-based profiling capabilities from integration with The IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java – Health Center
  • Enhancements for developing and deploying IBM Workload Deployer, Pure Application Systems workloads, and IBM Smart Cloud including an option to selectively import utility archives as either individual projects or as utility JARs
  • Updates to Java EE Connecter Architecture tools including new adapters for CICS, IMS and WebSphere.

Technology Previews

While not intended to be fully integrated into the product for the next release, a technology preview provides early access to longer term product enhancements, and gives you more opportunity to influence future directions.

Additional Considerations

Early Program code must not be used in production. All platforms or functions might not be available at the start of the program. The supported language for this Early Program is US English.

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