Prototype: RESTful MBeans

Liberty admin services are based on MBeans, which are remotely Java accessible via restConnector.jar. The underlying protocol/transport is REST/HTTP. However, the REST/HTTP interface is not currently documented as a public API. We believe there would be a wealth of possibilities by formalizing and documenting the API such that non-Java clients would be able to access MBeans over REST/HTTP.

To demonstrate the kinds of things you could do from a non-Java client, we built a mobile application which shows the status of all of the clusters in a Liberty collective (simulated on iPhone 5):

RESTfulMBeans clusterManagerApp Prototype: RESTful MBeans

Built using IBM Worklight, the application uses JavaScript to make pure REST/HTTP calls to the collective controller. The prototype could easily be extended to control those clusters and servers too. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how your data center is doing and control it from the back nine, or from down the pub? icon smile Prototype: RESTful MBeans

We are surveying demand for a public REST/HTTP API for Liberty admin services – this would open up these services to access from non-Java clients, such as JavaScript. If this is important to your use of Liberty, make it known by adding a comment of support to the following RFE: JavaScript Access to Liberty MBeans (36255)