Would ARM support for Liberty profile be a good thing?

What would you say to ARM support for Liberty profile? Would you use it?

Please indicate your opinion in our poll.

If you want to share more about what you’d do with it, we’d love to know; send us a tweet or use our contact form.

Why are we asking you about ARM support for Liberty profile?

You may have noticed that many of our fun projects use Liberty profile running on ARM-based hardware. The ARM-based Raspberry Pi is the star of the Liberty Car and The World’s First Wearable Application Server. We also show how to run Liberty profile on a mobile phone which, again, uses ARM-based hardware.

Lots of fun, you might agree, but ARM isn’t an officially supported platform at the moment. Liberty profile is supported on non-IBM JVMs, though.

So we’d love to know whether you’re already running Liberty profile on some ARM-based device or would like to.

blogcar1 Would ARM support for Liberty profile be a good thing?

  • Crispin Veall

    Hmm, the poll doesn’t seem to allow me to vote (or even show any way to do so). Using Firefox 25.0.1 on Ubuntu if it makes any difference.

    • Crispin Veall

      Hmm, strange – I just refreshed and it stopped showing me the results and allowed me to vote. Ho hum!

      • WASdev Community

        Thanks for letting us know. I think we were fixing the problem as you were trying it. Hopefully it’s all fine now.