Download Liberty profile examples and extensions

Have you taken a look at our repository of Liberty profile examples recently? It contains a range of Liberty profile sample code and extensions for Liberty servers. We’re adding to it all the time but here’s a quick overview of what we currently have.

Sample code

If you’re writing code using a technology that’s new to you, it’s so much easier if you have good examples to hand. Especially if you can run the example to see what it does and then take it apart to see how it does it.

Our runnable product samples come with their source code to help you write applications to run on Liberty profile. We currently have samples for writing a simple servlet, and for using JPA, JMS, secure EJBs, CDI, MongoDB, and more. If you’ve downloaded the Liberty profile Alpha release, you can also get a sample showing how to use WebSockets on Liberty.

Open source frameworks

You can write Liberty profile applications with several open source frameworks. We’ve got support for frameworks including Spring and SpringMVC, Hibernate, Grails, Tapestry…go take a look at the full list.

Features to extend Liberty profile servers

We keep the download of Liberty profile to about 50 MB. We do this partly by being strict about what goes into the runtime. You can add or remove additional technologies as you need them; like support for portlets, WebSphere MQ JMS messaging, JAX-B, JAX-WS, and plenty more. If we don’t support something you need, submit a request for enhancement.

Admin scripts for DevOps

Exactly what it says. We have a selection of scripts for setting up Liberty collectives. The scripts are in Jython with some also available in JRuby and Groovy.

Config snippets

And finally, if you’re a developer and you have to set up a specific configuration of Liberty profile such as security or user access, here are some snippets to help you.

If you’ve not tried Liberty profile yet, you can download it free to your development environment.

  • slowbird

    The install instruction for the “java -jar sample.jar” does not work. Received the following error: “WhenThe specified product installation was installed using IBM Installation Manager, please use IBM Installation Manager to install any product add ons.” The Installation Manager does not accept the sample.jar as the proper repository file, therefore, does not install it either.

    • Laura Cowen

      Ah yes, good point. If you installed Liberty using Installation
      Manager, you need to install the samples the same way. There’s an IM
      repository for the samples; see this article:

      Let me know if the sample(s) you need are missing from the IM repo; I’ll get it updated next week if so.