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Webcast: Beyond Agile – 5 Secrets to Building Engaging Customer Apps

A recent New York Times article found that people will visit a competitor’s site if it is only 250 milliseconds faster than their favorite site’s loading time, something that should come as no surprise to most CIOs, IT managers and developers. In fact, it’s been well-documented that poorly designed apps, Web sites and other digital engagements can result in lost sales, dwindling customer satisfaction, siloed applications, and unproductive employees.

WDT V9.0 Beta Update!

Eclipse Juno SR2 was released on March 1st. The WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse (WDT) has also been updated removing the dependency on an pre-released version of Eclipse Juno SR2.

Build your apps on the cloud!

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise provides quick, secure, self-service access to IBM Rational developer tools on virtual desktops.These Rational IDEs join a comprehensive catalog of IBM product offerings on IBM’s flagship public cloud service, SmartCloud Enterprise, providing new and existing customers with broad development and test workloads on the cloud.

Video: Building jQuery Mobile Web Applications in Rational Application Developer

Mobile devices are an increasingly important focus of software application development. In the past a single application required multiple implementations in order to target different mobile platforms. Through the use of standard technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets it is possible to develop a single application that delivers a rich user experience across all mobile platforms and devices.