Video: Building jQuery Mobile Web Applications in Rational Application Developer

Mobile devices are an increasingly important focus of software application development. In the past a single application required multiple implementations in order to target different mobile platforms. Through the use of standard technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets it is possible to develop a single application that delivers a rich user experience across all mobile platforms and devices.

The introduction of the jQuery Mobile library drastically accelerates this process by providing ready-to-use graphical widgets, communications and data handling functions.

The following video shows step by step how to build a complete jQuery Mobile application using Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software. You will see examples of how to graphically build, navigate through and link multiple application screens. The video also includes source code authoring samples that show how information can be exchanged between a mobile application and a back-end service.

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Developing jQuery Mobile Web Applications in Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software is very easy. Simply download into a new or existing Web Project an uncompressed version of jQuery Core ( and jQuery Mobile ( Then invoke the new Web Page wizard and select the “jQuery Mobile HTML” template.