Liberty Profile Admin UI Tech Preview

Manage WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile from a web browser on a cell phone, tablet or computer

Note: Liberty Profile V8.5.5 must already be installed

  1. Download the techpreview.jar file to a temporary directory   Download
  2. Run the command:
    java -jar techpreview.jar 
  3. Read and approve the license agreement. The JAR file is extracted to the techpreview subdirectory.
  4. Move the uitechpreview.war file to the apps directory of a Liberty profile server and add the following application element to its server.xml file:
    <application name="uitechpreview" type="war"
  5. To access the UI from a cell phone, tablet, or remote computer, ensure that the httpEndpoint element in the server.xml file sets

    and not

  6. Add the feature

    to the server.xml file of every server in the Liberty profile installation. To use the Monitoring tool, also add the feature


    to the server.xml files.

  7. Point a web browser at the UI. For example: http://host_name:9080/uitechpreview/

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