CASCON 2013 workshops – Toronto

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Date: 18/11/2013 - 20/11/2013



People from our Liberty profile (and related) development teams will be presenting and running some of the CASCON 2013 workshops.

Liberty profile workshop: Liberty Collective

The Liberty Collective is a systems management architecture designed for the Liberty Profile and the Cloud (available from V8.5.5). Arthur De Magalhaes will run this workshop. He will give an overview this new technology and provide hands-on experience creating, configuring, and performing operations on a collective and cluster.

AcmeAir demo: WebSphere Foundation components

Moss Uchida and Roland Gee will be giving demos of AcmeAir to demonstrate its WebSphere Foundation components:

  • Performance perspective – cloud first performance testing
  • Runtime architecture – providing Application Server, Web 2.0 and Mobile functionality in a highly scaled elastic cloud environment.
  • Demonstrated on IBM IMPACT 2013 running 1 million operations/sec.

If you head over to booth L08, you will find Moss and Roland willing to answer all your questions.

AcmeAir workshop: Load Testing of Large Software Systems

Gary Zeng and Paul Vytas will be doing a 20 minute presentation on AcmeAir during the “Load Testing of Large Software Systems (LT 2013)” workshop on the morning of Nov 19, 2013.
The presentation will have a quick overview of AcmeAir, how it was deployed into the SCE cloud for IMPACT2013 and the “lessons learned” from this exercise.

Here is more detail on the workshop:

Workshop: Leveraging REST and Web Technologies in Enterprise Service Systems

This workshop will be presented by Jonathan West and Chris Brealey.

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