IBM Technical Summit – Paris

gc button2 IBM Technical Summit   Paris

Date: 17/10/2013



Iain Duncan, developer on Liberty profile, will be giving a talk and will also be available to chat on the Liberty stand in the expo. Tom Banks will also be demonstrating the Liberty Car at the event and will be discussing Liberty on ARM devices.

This is abstract for Iain’s talk, Building agile applications using the WebSphere Liberty development environment and ecosystem:

As a developer, are you optimizing your development process to take advantage of the capabilities available in the no-cost WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools (WDT), the WebSphere Liberty profile and its supporting Ecosystem environment? The WebSphere Developer Tools provide developer-friendly editors, wizards, debuggers, and code assists to help build your web or JEE application. The Liberty profile provides a simplified and lightweight application-serving environment while still providing enterprise qualities of service, including security and transaction integrity. The Liberty profile is intended for use as a development or production environment for running web applications that do not require a full Java EE stack. In addition, find out more details about Liberty integrations with the broader developer ecosystem

For more information, see: the IBM Technical Summit website.


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