PrimeFaces v3.5 Integration


This open source integration demonstrates PrimeFaces JSF component suite integration through a simple phonebook sample Web application deployed to Liberty.


This samples demonstrates PrimeFaces component suite integration through a simple phonebook Web application deployed to Liberty.

This sample can be installed onto runtime versions and later.


  1. Install the packaged server by typing ‘java -jar PrimeFacesSample.jar’ and following the instructions.
  2. Start the PrimeFacesSample server by running the command ‘bin/server run PrimeFacesSample’ from the root of the Liberty profile installation, and confirm the application started by looking in the console output":
    CWWKZ0001I: Application PhoneBookByPrimeFaces started in XX.XX seconds.
  3. In your browser, enter the URL for the application: http://localhost:9108/PhoneBookByPrimeFaces (where port 9108 assumes the httpEndpoint provided in the sample server.xml has not been modified).
  4. In your browser, you should see a phone book shown up.


This sample does not include the open source dependencies. The installer will provide a list of the open source pre-requisite libraries and where they can be downloaded from. To help obtaining these libraries, the installer provides the option to download them on your behalf.

Sample Structure

  • wlp/
    • usr/
      • servers/
        • PrimeFacesSample/
          • Copyright.txt (copyright notice for this sample)
          • readme.html (these instructions)
          • server.xml (samples server using PrimeFaces shared library)
          • apps/
            • PrimeFacesApp.war (sample PrimeFaces application)
      • shared/
        • config/
          • PrimeFacesSampleLibs.xml (shared library configuration for PrimeFaces)
        • resources/
          • PrimeFacesSampleLibs/ (PrimeFaces pre-requisite libraries – downloadable during installation)