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Introducing the Liberty Profile

When I choose a tool for any kind of job, there are around three questions I usually consider:

  1. Is this going to be able to do the job?
  2. Is this the easiest way to do it?
  3. Do I like using it?

RAD V8.5 and WDT V8.5 have landed!

Rational Application Developer (RAD) V8.5 and the WAS Developer Tools (WDT) V8.5 have landed!

RAD is our IDE built on Eclipse that helps you and your teams build high quality, innovative enterprise applications fast and efficiently for WebSphere Application Server (WAS), WebSphere Portal and IBM Workload Deployer.

RAD, WDT, IWS: choose the right tool for your mobile development needs

Rational Application Developer has supported mobile web application development since 8.0.3 ifix1. Now with the 8.5 release, you can continue to build native-looking mobile web sites using improved tools in RAD, and more importantly, you can now build native mobile applications for the popular smartphone platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone) using IBM Worklight Studio 5.0, which is bundled with RAD 8.5.